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FOOD: Vegan "Cheesecake"

8:52 AM

Here's a cake that I made last week! It's a vegan cheesecake.....now doesn't that just sound like a walking contradiction? It definitely is. :) But you honestly cannot taste the difference and you also feel less guilty when eating it ;) There's also no baking involved! The cake is completely raw.

I've been using this recipe here from The Minimalist Baker for about a year now, and have made this cake more times than I can count! It's just so tasty :) 

I decided to switch it up and experiment a bit by adding fruit to change the color of the cheesecake! Pictured here, I used blueberries for the purple layer and strawberries for the pink layer. 

Basically, you divide the cheesecake filling part into two bowls after having mixed everything together, and then add blueberries into one bowl and blend, and add strawberries into the other bowl and blend.

To create the layers, first pour the first layer over the crust and freeze for about two hours, in order to harden. After the two hours, pour the other layer over the top and freeze again for another 2 hours. 

Super easy! 

Enjoy xx

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