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DIY: Mini Herb Garden

9:37 AM

In the spirit of summer, I decided to start a little herb garden in my kitchen. This task seemed a bit daunting since every plant that I've ever tried to have here -- besides succulents -- have died. But here's to second chances! There's currently a small flower fair here in Cologne and I patiently browsed it a couple of times, deciding which herbs could be fun and exciting to cook or bake with! I ended up buying Strawberry Mint (I took a leaf and ate it on the spot to make sure it lived up to its name. And it did :) ), Chocolate Mint (so yummy), Bell Pepper Basil (really tastes like bell pepper), and French Lavender. 

Notice a trend? I'm going to try my hand at making lemonade, Mojitos and other cocktails from these plants !! I have a syrup recipe for lavender lemonade that I've been dying to try and now I have no excuse NOT to make it ASAP :)  

I bought the two white greenhouses, terra cotta pots, soil and succulents from IKEA. Gotta love IKEA..they make everything so affordable! To give the herb garden a more personal touch, I upcycled a LOV tea tin, an Anthropologie mug and a Voluspa soy candle votive. I've been saving old tins and candle votives for this purpose -- I love how plants can give old things a new and personal touch. 

Strawberry Mint on the left, and Chocolate Mint on the right. The purple LOV tea tin contains ginger root and the little white pot is garlic.

Lavender on the left and Bell Pepper Basil on the right. The Anthropologie monogram mug contains some more ginger and the Voluspa votive has a tiny little succulent in it. 

I'm crossing my fingers that these plants survive! Stay tuned for some fun new summer recipes!

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