TRAVEL: Stockholm Photo Diary

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Here are small tidbits of our weekend trip to Sweden. I loved it so much, and was very much impressed by everything -- the way of life, the art, fashion, design, culture and of course coffee culture. I was amazed at how beautiful the people are! Literally a mix of elves and vikings ;) So elegant and ethereal. One awesome thing about the trip was that Milan was finally able to practice and speak his Swedish! I was very impressed. My photos definitely do not do Stockholm justice, but here's the city through my own interpretation :) 

Here I am, bright and early and having just arrived from the airport. The city center was eerily quiet and empty for a Friday morning.

We were starving, so we found the closest cafe we could possibly find within a five minute time span and quickly ordered some delicious lattes and breakfast sandwiches. I noticed that this cafe, called Espresso House, is part of a chain of coffee houses, and is the Swedish equivalent to Starbucks.

The streets were so clean and the buildings so bright! 

Here we are near the palace of the king -- supposedly his palace is the biggest in all of Europe.

The sky was breathtaking

Exploring the Gamla Stan (Old Town)

I loved how all the buildings are nestled up against each other

Seriously, for a capital city, it was empty. Even for a holiday (Easter) weekend!

My favorite past time: finding cute cafes. 

City view

Dusk--- words cannot do justice on how pretty this view was.

Bundled up!

I was in love with this breakfast place. The Swedes are amazingly good at design, especially lighting, and I found myself avidly soaking up all their ideas. 

I had a salmon lox bagel every morning, and it was amazing.

Here we are at Skansen, the world's first open-air museum!

This was one of many decorated subway stations. I mean, how beautiful !?

The Central Subway station

Cool little vintage-esque lounge


We met up with a friend who came to California to study abroad the same semester Milan did. We hadn't seen Oscar in almost 5 years -- but so glad we had the opportunity to meet up! International friendships are honestly the best :)

There were juice bars literally all over the city -- and this one took my fancy. This particular drink took my fancy -- it was a ginger latte, meaning a shot of fresh ginger in my lactose-free latte :) Amazing!

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