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Little Tidbits

1:09 AM

I thought I'd share with you some little snapshots of things that make life all the more sweeter. If you follow me in Instagram, then you've seen most of these already! And if you don't have Instagram, don't do it! You will definitely become addicted ;)

It's FINALLY tulip season!!! Tulips remind me of my 9 month stay in Groningen (the Netherlands) and I frequently bought them while there -- it's a sin NOT to buy tulips if you're living in the Netherlands.... Also pictured above is my beloved Moomin pitcher (given to me by Milan's father) that I mostly use as a holder for my paintbrushes. Somehow whenever I look at it, I am almost always reminded of the German word  "Staubf√§nger" meaning "dust catcher" -- an item that sits and collects dust -- and I refuse to admit that the pitcher is one of these things! 

I made coconut macarons a couple of weeks ago, using the SNOG cookbook sent to me by my lovely friend Michelle. They turned out to be super yummy! One of my New Year's resolutions was to push my boundaries in the areas of cooking and baking, and I'm proud to say that I have done so! I even tried my hand at Hungarian cabbage dumplings and also successfully made roast beef last month, but no pictures were taken, so you'll just have to take my word for it ;)

Milan and I went to Dusseldorf on a day trip to meet some of his buddies from his Master's program and we stopped by this cupcake bakery called Sugarbird. I immediately went bat crazy and took photos like your typical Asian tourist. They were SO good, and even had macarons!! I was so excited that I asked them if they make wedding cakes/cater to weddings and they said YES! So....I officially added them to my growing list of potential wedding caterers. 

Speaking of delicious food, A couple gal pals and I found a froyo place here in Cologne and we attended their grand opening! Here is my beautiful masterpiece of a froyo -- plain greek yogurt, fresh pureed strawberries, pistachios and blueberries. delicious.

My new favorite top from the amazing store And Other Stories. I wore it to an interview and felt like a grown up :)

Outfit snapshot before I had a coffee date with a friend. Pictured here are more tulips Milan bought me! 

Here is a good friend of mine -- we were out for her birthday brunch and I captured her beautiful smile! Genuine happiness (I also gave her that mug as a gift -- we share a mutual appreciation of coffee mugs)

Quick and easy: blended strawberries and frozen bananas, topped with coconut, chia seeds and fresh strawberries.

A snapshot of what I often have in my purse. 

The dressing room lighting was too good ;) The white top is from 24 Colors, a clothing label from Berlin, also very well-priced

I drink a pot of Genmaicha tea everyday -- look up the benefits! Pictured here is also an awesome book I bought while in New York last year, recommended to me by my sister.

Enjoying a lactose free macchiato while waiting for a friend.

My latest creation! Polenta and pesto burrito! I never cooked with polenta before and I am obsessed. I literally ate this meal for breakfast, lunch AND dinner......Also the pesto is super easy! Just blend broccoli, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, cashews, and veggie broth together! You can eat it with pasta or use it as a spread on bread. 

Please excuse my messy room, but here's an outfit snapshot of something I wore to a grand opening of a lounge this past Tuesday. I am wearing business pants that I rolled up at the ankle, black pointed pumps and a white top that I think can be easily dressed up or down. I was channeling my inner Parisian. 

Last but not least, a cute little heart pastry :)

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